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Computational Media M.S. 2022

Cognitive Science B.S. 2018

Industry Experience

First, a little bit about me.

As an artist woven into the fabric of technology, my journey at the intersection of creative design and cognitive science has been nothing short of revelatory. My education at the University of California, Santa Cruz, has not just equipped me but inspired me to explore this fusion, leading to innovative projects that bridge the gap between art and science.

In my role as a Researcher within the tech industry, I've had the opportunity to delve into cognitive science disciplines, applying these insights in ways that blur the traditional boundaries between scientific rigor and artistic intuition. Through projects that aim to create immersive and enjoyable experiences, I've showcased the synergy between these realms, challenging the notion that they are distinct.

Outside the professional sphere, my life is enriched by painting, yoga, story writing, and immersing myself in nature. These pursuits are not just hobbies; they are extensions of my creative and analytical thinking, informing my work in unexpected ways. My commitment to environmentalism, coupled with a love for travel and staying informed on global events, shapes my worldview and the solutions I propose in my professional endeavors.

If you're intrigued by the possibilities of where art meets technology, or simply wish to exchange ideas, I encourage you to reach out. My contact details are available above, or you can navigate to the "contact" page for more information. Let's explore how we can collaborate on the next big idea.


I'm Sabrina. Welcome to my website. In the tabs above, you'll find more information on me including my research portfolio, work experience, and education.

Sabrina Day

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My last name recently changed from "Fielder" to "Day" and I'm unable to change the URL of my website.